Knights of Badassdom

Comic-Con 2013 just ended, which makes it the two year anniversary of when we first heard about Knights of Badassdom. The independent film, starring Ryan Kwatten, Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Danny Pudi and Steve Zahn, follows a group of live action role players who are forced to save the world from monsters. It got some great buzz after its Hall H panel at Comic-Con 2011 and director Joe Lynch was amped about getting fans to see the film as soon as possible.

Then the money men got their hands on it and a controversy raged over the distribution rights. Lynch lost control of the film, it was reportedly re-edited and possibly doomed to live on a shelf for all its days.

Today, eOne Entertainment is putting a reincarnation spell on the film. They’ve just picked it up for U.S. distribution. Read More »


Update: The script for Knights of Badassdom has been written and is being rewritten by Matt Wall and Kevin Dreyfuss. Also note the lack of hyphen in the title – that flourish of mine was just a little line out of line.

Breaking news from Film 4 Frightfest. During an on-stage Q&A with John Landis and many of the crew and some cast (read: Linzi Drew) of An American Werewolf in London, Landis dropped a couple nice little nuggets of horror news. He had apparently been offered a picture called The Knights of Bad-assdom (my hyphen) but turned it down and directed the producers instead to who he considered the right man for the job.

That man is Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch, and according to Landis he’s the guy particularly because the film deals with video games and Lynch reportedly knows all about them. Not a great deal to go on, so after the Q&A wrapped, I scooted up to Lynch and asked for more info.

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