The specter of Sin City 2 will hang over Robert Rodriguez until…well, until he finally makes the damn movie. I can conceive of a distant future in which Rodriguez has become a filmmaker akin to Ingmar Bergman (just for the sake of argument) but is still hit with questions about Sin City 2.

On the subject of the sequel, Rodriguez spoke to Digital Spy (via CinemaBlend) and said “We’re still working on Sin City, I want to do it so we’ll see. It’s just a matter of when…We have a script… a rewritten script that we still have to write and it’s just finding the right time slot to do it.”

So, the film is basically in the same spot it has been for some time: pending, but not really close to the starting line. For what it’s worth, Rodriguez also mentioned that he’s still in contact with Mike Allred about making a film based on Allred’s comic series Madman. That would be a great thing to see (possibly) and I’d infinitely prefer that to Sin City 2.

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