Last year Disney began active development of a film tenuously connected to the Disneyland Matterhorn ride. Jason Dean Hall was hired to write a film that was called The Hill last summer, and then Brian Beletic became attached to direct the project. Now Ehren Kruger (The Ring, Scream 3, Transformers: Dark of the Moon) has been hired to rewrite the picture that has evolved to be about a group of adventurers who run into Yeti in the Alps. Read More »

Brian Beletic to Direct Disney’s Matterhorn Movie

One of a few films Disney is making as big-screen exploitations of existing theme parks is a film based on the Matterhorn ride.

The film, originally referred to as The Hill, was announced last year, and is currently being referred to as Untitled Explorers Project. Now the movie has a director: commercial helmer Brian Beletic, who has made spots for Converse, Nike, and Ikea, as well as many music videos for the Black Eyed Peas (‘Karma,’ ‘Weekends,’ ‘B.E.P. Empire,’ more) and videos for Fatboy Slim (‘Don’t Let the Man Get You Down’) Cee-Lo (‘Closet Freak,’ ‘Gettin’ Grown’) and El-P (‘Deep Space 9mm’). Read More »

With the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film having earned just shy of a billion dollars worldwide (a number that is vaguely horrifying, given the quality of the film) Disney understands the power of a succesful brand. So the company isn’t just developing a new Haunted Mansion movie with Guillermo del Toro and a Magic Kingdom film with Michael Chabon and Jon Favreau. It is also starting to pull together an adventure film inspired in the Matterhorn ride. Read More »