Seth Rogen: Pool Cleaning Clone of Jesus?

Alexandre Aja is slowly, cautiously orbiting a big screen version of The Gospel According to Jimmy. Please don’t be confusing this with any offcuts or offal from the Belushi family – instead, it originated as a satirical novel by Didier van Cauwelaert. Here is Aja’s own explanation of the book’s plot:

“You have to imagine, a few years from now, the Republicans want to get back in the White House, and the only thing that they find is like an old cloning project … to clone Jesus from a blood cell on the Shroud of Turin. And one subject had survived, and he’s fixing pools in L.A., named Jimmy. And they’re going to find him and ask him to come back and help them to get back to power.”

Aja says that he considers Seth Rogen the perfect casting for his cloned Christ.

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