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As a film fan, one of the eternal debates is The Godfather vs. The Godfather Part II. Both films won Best Picture and both films are all time classics. No one is disputing that. But forced to choose one, do you choose the rise of Michael Corleone as his father, Don Vito Corleone, passes on? Or do you choose the epic dual story of the Corleone family’s beginning, with Vito’s rise to power, alongside its expansion, as Michael broadens and splits the family? It’s a Catch 22, Sophie’s Choice if ever there was one and a debate that’s sure to go on forever.

On the poster side, though, this debate has been closed.

Last year, Odd City Entertainment debuted their official Godfather license with a beautiful piece by Laurent Durieux. Today, they’ve revealed part two of the poster trilogy, also by Durieux. And no knock on the artist himself, but his version of The Godfather Part II blows the original away. See the full Laurent Durieux Godfather Part II poster, and get all the details, below. Read More »

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lohan scorsese

Did you know: Lindsay Lohan turned down a role in The Hangover claiming that the script had “no potential.” And we’ve just learned that Paramount Pictures supposedly turned down an opportunity to have Martin Scorsese direct The Godfather 2. Read both of the stories after the jump.

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The Godfather 2 Becomes A Video Game

EA is planning on releasing a video game adaptation of The Godfather 2 early next year. Full details on /gamer.

The Dark Knight will screen for select press later this week (we’ll be there), but a scooper over at AICN has already gotten a sneak peak. Tim Bisley compares the movie to The Godfather Part 2 and hints that Heath Ledger’s performance might be worthy of the best supporting Oscar. Here are a couple spoiler free highlights that I found interesting:

“The film feels more like a crime drama in a grand city scape than a typical comic book movie. It feels like Heat except Batman is Al Pacino and The Joker is Robert De Niro and just like in that film we have a great scene between Heath Ledger and Christian Bale across a table. There is also an element of a Greek Tragedy.. There is a vast sense of morality at play within the film.”

“The Joker is almost more of a terrorist than criminal. He is not motivated by money. He wants to see people suffer.”

“The run time is two and a half hours. It doesn’t feel that long as there is so much going on within the film.”

You can read the full review on AICN.