If you liked the Green With Envy trailer that premiered in theaters last week, you’re probably also going to dig this spot for The Fuzzy Pack. That’s because it is also a thinly-disguised ad for The Muppets — in this case, it looks like The Fuzzy Pack might have been a movie that was made at Muppet Theater, the outfit seen in decrepit state during the beginning of this teaser. (And it is definitely funnier than The Hangover Part II, which this teaser riffs on.)

The Fuzzy Pack isn’t quite as good as Green With Envy was, but it does boast one of the film’s many cameos. And it is remarkable that just a brief bit of new footage with Muppets can still earn a big, goofy grin. Finally, this seems like an implicit promise that we’re going to see a lot more ads like this for the new Muppet movie. Glad to see Disney is having some fun marketing this, and trying to draw new audiences to The Muppets in the process. Read More »