the fate of the furious trailer

Watching the Fast and Furious series evolve from telling bland and lunkheaded street racing stories to telling insane and endlessly creative (but still lunkheaded) action adventure tales that might as well take place in an alternate universe where physics simply don’t exist has been a joy. These movies offer something for everyone: a diverse and charismatic cast of amusing personalities, outrageous storytelling torn straight from a daytime soap opera, ludicrous action, and, above all, a sincere heart that really means it when the action stop so everyone can drone on about the importance of family.

As the previous trailers have shown us, The Fate of the Furious, the eighth film in the series, will shift into reverse and back right over our precious feelings. Dom has betrayed his crew! His surrogate family! Does the newest trailer offer a hint of why he would do such a thing? Well, let’s watch it and find out.

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