LOL: The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

CollegeHumor has produced a movie trailer mash-up of Wes Anderson‘s The Fantastic Mr. Fox and the popular Nintendo video game Star Fox. Watch it now embedded after the jump.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Trailer


I’d hoped that when I saw the trailer for Wes Anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which debuted today at Yahoo, any doubts I had based on early stills would immediately evaporate. Instead, they’ve deepened. There are great little moments in here, mostly through dialogue, but the animation doesn’t have me convinced. It looks very flat, like Wes Anderson’s trademark dead-on framing has finally betrayed him. (On the other hand, the character designs look just like drawings by Anderson’s brother, which must finally be a family aspiration brought to fruition.) That sense of creepy ’60s/’70s television animation hasn’t gone away, and the whole clip has a feeling of disconnection. See for yourself after the break.

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Wes Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are now confirmed as voices for Anderson’s upcoming stop-animation adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox. George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and Anjelica Huston have been previously announced in various trade papers.

But don’t look for it to hit theaters any time soon, Anderson told MTV that “It will take a couple years to do the animating.” I love all the old classic stop-animated Christmas movies. It’s really an animation technique that is falling to the wayside in this new world of digital animation.

Anderson also revealed that he wants the film to have a more organic feel:

“The settings will be very natural. We want to use real trees and real sand, but it’s all miniature.”

Hmmm, interesting.