The Devil is a Part-Timer Review

(Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where, a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime.)

When you’re trying to convince a newcomer about the diversity of anime shows and the power of the anime medium to tell vastly different stories, show them an action show, followed by something completely different – like a comedy. On paper, you’d think something like a slice-of-life drama or a workplace comedy wouldn’t benefit from being done in animation, but along comes something like The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, which turns its high-concept into a hilarious comedy, and it makes you realize that anything could benefit from being animated.

What if I were to tell you that Demon Lord Satan, the Devil himself, nearly conquered his world of Ente Isla but right before killing his enemies, a hero named Emilia forces him to escape through a gate that transports them both – as well as Satan’s right-hand demon Alciel – to modern day Tokyo? With no powers and rent coming up, what’s Satan to do but take a part-time job working at a fast food joint called MgRonald’s?

From there on, The Devil Is a Part-Timer evolves into a hilarious, often sweet and thought-provoking comedy. Though it isn’t afraid to dip its toes into some fluid and exhilarating action scenes, the focus is always on Satan’s struggles to stay afloat the current economy, and whether people can actually change.

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