Update: I’d originally had the film’s title as I’m Mortal, but the spelling seen in the headline and below is actually the correct one.

Looks like Gattaca and Lord of War director Andrew Niccol may have a new ‘next movie’ set up. Last year, it seemed like Niccol was moving forward on The Cross, but now his script I’m.mortal has on the verge of being picked up by New Regency, with Strike Entertainment (Dawn of the Dead, Children of Men, the new The Thing prequel) negotiating to produce. Read More »


As we’ve reported earlier this year, Andrew Niccol‘s next movie will be The Cross, starring Orlando Bloom, Olga Kurylenko, John Goodman and Vincent Cassel. The $24m ‘sci-fi escape story’ is in production now in Australia, and is said to return Niccol to the sort of serious science fiction approach that characterized Gattaca and his script for The Truman Show. Now we’ve got some concept art from designer Jean-Vinzent Puzos that shows a bit of what we can expect from the film. Read More »

Andrew Niccol directed Gattaca and Lord of War – tick, tick – but also Simone – big question mark, vague tick in pencil perhaps. On the other hand, he also scripted The Truman Show – giant gold tick. I think, looking at my balance sheet, his projects are well worth getting excited for.

His next film The Cross has a rather modest $24 million budget, dredged from Australian, French and German coffers, so even while it is a sci-fi action thriller, don’t expect a raft of expensive FX work. That’s not a warning of course – I mean, who cares? – but it’s a detail that might help you position this film in a subgenre more accurately.

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