The Best Movies Leaving HBO Max in February 2021

movies leaving HBO max in february 2021

We’re about to head into February, which means another vicious cycle of titles will soon be exiting streaming services. Here’s a look at the best movies leaving HBO Max in February 2021 – and some of these disappear in less than a month, so if you want to catch them while they’re still available, you better get to watchin’!
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Tango and Cash 2

In 1989, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell joined forces in a buddy cop action film called Tango & Cash, in which they played a pair of police officers who were framed for murder. The film was excessive, frequently ridiculous, and totally over the top – a last gasp of the macho 1980s action era before we transitioned into the (slightly) more reasonable ’90s.

And because Stallone is intoxicated by the notion of revisiting practically every memorable character he’s ever played, now he’s talking about a possible Tango and Cash 2. But apparently Kurt Russell is a bit more hesitant to jump back in and play the hits again, so it seems unlikely that this one’s going to come together any time soon. Read Stallone’s comments about the potential sequel below. Read More »

danny trejo machette

Admit it, the cast for The Expendables is fast becoming the impossible wet dream actioner juggernaut that Quentin Tarantino used to chatter up and chatter up and chatter up for Inglourious Basterds. I’m not hating on IB (of course not! geek treason!), just saying: this is Inglourious Old Basterds. Not only is Arnold Schwarzenegger making a cameo as his state faces economic disaster, but now Machete himself, Danny Trejo, is set to star according to our chums at Latino Review. They speculate that Trejo will play one of the South American goons that Stallone, Statham, Rourke, Li, Lundgren and Co. will set out to destroy in utterly profane PG-13 fashion.

With the recent surprise blockbuster successes of Taken and Gran Torino, it seems that audiences are starving for more tough-guy showdowns that don’t involve capes and canon. Drew McWeeny chimed in on this topic a few days ago, and I couldn’t agree more. I still haven’t experienced the type of cliche united “bro-dom” in a theater as I did last year with Rambo. Let’s hope JVCD kisses some veiny, muscled ass and joins this cast because he’s going to regret that “high road” detour for the rest of his life. Count on it. P.S. Stallone call Cash.

Update: So Gov. Arnold might not be dropping in after all due to the economy’s downturn.