I know that everyone is thinking about Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Master right now, especially with that film opening in more theaters today. But right now I want to direct your attention to a different Master — this guy is one of the characters in the wild-looking steampunk martial arts film Tai Chi Zero (aka Tai Chi 0). The powers that be are releasing seven character posters for the film today via various outlets and we’re giving you The Master.

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We saw a teaser trailer for Tai Chi 0 a while back, and now there’s this full theatrical trailer complete with Wild Wild West-style steampunk CGI and a little dubstep to make this martial arts fantasy complete. In actuality, this looks more fun than that suggests. The whole thing looks self-aware and silly, but pretty enthusiastic when it comes to delivering action and some mash-up weirdness. And that might be enough, as we’ll see when the film premieres at TIFF in a couple weeks.

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