Syd Mead dead

Syd Mead, the visual futurist and artist who helped influence the look of films like Blade Runner, Tron, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, has died. He passed away in Pasadena, California on Monday due to complications from lymphoma. Read on for an appreciation of Mead’s incredible career. Read More »

The latest addition to the cast of Neill Blomkamp‘s mysterious second film Elysium is Alice Braga, who has been seen in Predators, Repo Men, The Rite, and City of God. As with most of the cast of the film, we know nothing about her role at this point. Indeed, apart from the fact that the script contains some of the same blend of sci-fi and topical commentary that characterized District 9, and the fact that it is set 150 years in the future and involves Jodie Foster as the head of state of an alien planet, we know very little about Elysium as a whole. Read More »

If that headline doesn’t mean anything to you, allow me to translate: Syd Mead, aka the ‘futurist’ who created many of the most memorable designs for Blade Runner will be designing sets for Neill Blomkamp‘s second feature film, Elysium.

We’ve known for some time that the project was being assembled by the director and Media Rights Capital, and that once the year turned and the major cast was in place, it would go out to studios to find a distribution partner. With Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and Jodie Foster on board, that studio shopping is what started happening today. There isn’t a distributor set yet, but we’ve got some vague new details about the film, after the break. Read More »

VOTD: Syd Mead’s 2019: A Future Imagined

Syd Mead‘s (the famous visual futurist and concept artist best known for his designs for science-fiction films such as Blade Runner, Aliens, and Tron) short film 2019: A Future Imagined “reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future.”

Photographed in P2 High Definition, this featurette provides insight into the fascinating mind of one of the most influential artists of modern cinema and automotive design.

Watch the seven and half minute short film embedded after the jump.
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