Oh, this is going to get confusing really fast. Over the past couple years, David Goyer and Justin Marks wrote drafts of a script called Super Max (or Supermax, as it is sometimes called, and more recently Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max) about the DC hero Green Arrow being trapped in a super-maximum security prison for super villains. Now Sony has bought a spec script called Supermax about…wait for it…a guard and a lethal inmate trying to survive in a maximum-security prison for super-natural inmates. Read More »


IESB speculates that director Peter Segal, currently attached to helm a Shazam feature for Warner Bros., might also be the man who brings the studio’s planned tentpole, Jonny Quest, to the world as well for Summer ’09. Apparently the script by Dan Mazeau is quite strong and in better shooting condition than Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam. Moroever, the site spoke to Segal recently, who was enthusiastic about the latest screenplay, noted his involvement with getting a Quest flick off the ground in the past, and even discussed casting preferences (The Rock for special agent Roger “Race” Bannon). As you might recall, for over a year now Dwayne Johnson has been attached to play Shazam‘s Black Adam.

At the center of the Jonny Quest franchise is the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, about the titular young boy, his scientist father, his adopted Indian brother, a spastic bulldog, and a snowy haired special agent/bodyguard who hop around the globe pursuing epic cryptozoological and sci-fi adventures. Quest is one of several retro tentpole projects on Hollywood’s burner, including Buck Rogers, Spielberg/Jackson’s Tintin, the now filming Transformers 2, and another live-action He-Man flick (also buzzing loudly at Warner Bros.). Of course, the recent wipe-out of the similarly cheeky/mothballed Speed Racer is no doubt being taken into consideration when updating Quest.

Also of note: David Goyer‘s Supermax, which now looks to have broader box office potential after the success of Iron Man, has been retitled Green Arrow. The well-reviewed script, which sees Green Arrow facing off in a high security prison with DC villains like The Riddler, is by Justin Marks, who wrote the aforemenioned He-Man script that’s driving the Internet nuts right now.

Discuss: Is Jonny Quest the next Speed Racer or the next Transformers/Harry Potter? Is Segal a smart choice? Could Green Arrow be the next Iron Man?


Get your most asinine soap joke ready in the comments, because it seems that Green Arrow will be joined behind bars by a vast and infamous stable of DC villains in David Goyer‘s Supermax. Latino Review took a look at the script by Goyer (Batman Begins, X-Men Origins: Magneto) and Justin Marks (that new Street Fighter) and reports that The Joker, Lex Luthor and The Riddler all make sweet cameos inside the script’s titular prison alongside a laundry list of other DC derelicts including: Blockbuster, Shock Trauma, Gemini, Cascade, Tattooed Man, Multiplex, Djinn, Merlyn, Pied Piper, Latarian Milton, Iron Cross & Heatmonger & Backlash (Aryan Nation), Calculator (yes!), Count Vertigo, Floronic Man, Split and Icicle. Okay, so Latarian Milton is not appearing, but give him a year.

Previously, Goyer stated that many of these villains will be revealed by human name only and sans costumes (obviously), which further exemplifies just how Geek City this project is. LR’s consensus is that the Supermax script is both ridiculously cool and highly accessible to the mainstream, comparative to Batman Begins even: “[Warner Bros.] would be on crack not to make this.” Goyer and Marks quickly touch upon the island cast-away/archery origins of Green Arrow né Oliver Queen, yet another billionaire playboy in our world’s comicverse, and by page 7 (approx. 10 years later), we see Queen in costume and encountering the arrow-laden set-up that lands him behind bars. And not just the bars you’d imagine in an old Elmore Leonard paperback…

“Want to know how cool SUPERMAX is? The prison changes shape, cells rearrange, and reconfigures every night to disorient the prisoners from breaking out. A transforming super prison!”

Applying extra heat to the situation, Queen becomes a, uh, marked man inside due to corporate backstabbing (shades of Iron Man). I’ve always thought that Green Arrow was a hard sell to a big summer audience, but some of my doubts are fading and I can’t wait to check this script out. Of course, as we reported last year, Matt Damon was once rumored for Green Arrow, and if the script’s this strong, I’m sure other A-listers will bite as well. Let’s hope it happens.

A thanks to Slashfilm canuck Jonny for the reminder. Moreover, Canada is still Canada.

Discuss: Do you think The Joker will still show up post-Ledger when (a smaller if) Supermax goes into production? For you, where does Supermax rank in terms of upcoming comic book flicks? I dig the title but who else thinks it won’t stick to the marquee?

Yesterday I posted an article titled “Kevin Smith to direct Comic Book Movie… Supermax?” I posted Kevin’s recent comments from Wizard Magazine that he might be doing a comic book movie for his tenth film.

“I think is going to be a comic book movie – not The Green Hornet, though. There’s something that we’re kind of negotiating on right now which would actually be pretty cool. I don’t know what the audience for it would be, but I would dig making it because I’ve always been a fan of the character,” said Smith.

We theorized that may-be the project could be David Goyer’s superhero prison break film SuperMax, due to The Green Arrow’s Involvement. Smith was involved in Arrow’s rebirth as a comic book series, and has always been a fan of the DC character. We made this connection using pure fanboy theory, and never stated it as FACT.  We weren’t the only people to make the Green Arrow connection, our friends at NewsAskew (Kev’s official news website) also had a similar thought on the matter. We even ended our column by asking fans if they had any other ideas for what character Kevin could be talking about. But may-be we weren’t clear enough?

The story got picked up by quite a few websites and somewhere along the game of internet operator, it became fact. Daily India reported that Kevin Smith is directing SuperMax as if it were fact. How did that happen?

Anyways, Smith has denied the story in the comment of the cinematical article which linked my story:

“I dig Peter at slashfilm, but that conjecture was a real stretch,” wrote Smith. “I.E. – No, I’m not directing “SuperMax”. You may all breathe a sigh of relief now.”

Sorry Kevin, we didn’t mean for this to get out of control.

So now the question remains: Which one of the thousands of other comic book characters could Smith be considering for his 10th film? Hmmmm.