The Magicians pilot

Syfy gave us an early Christmas present last month, in the form of an early broadcast of the pilot episode for its new fantasy series The Magicians. But if you missed it the first time around — or if you did catch it, but like its fantasy-obsessed protagonist are eager to dive back into a world of magic and mayhem — you’re in luck. The network has put the entire first episode online for free, several days ahead of its (second) on-air premiere.

Based on the novels by Lev GrossmanThe Magicians is sort of a grown-up Harry Potter. Quentin (Jason Ralph) is an unhappy young man at the end of his college years. He discovers that the kind of magic he’s read about in children’s fantasy novels is real, and enrolls in a magical graduate school called Brakebills. But this exciting new world isn’t exactly what he imagined. Watch the full The Magicians pilot after the jump. Read More »

TIFF Movie Review: Alan Ball’s Nothing is Private

Nothing is Private

Alan Ball’s feature directorial debut is more Six Feet Under than American Beauty in tone, and more of the latter in story. There are more than a few structural similarities to Beauty, including the typical but still wonderful Thomas Newman score, an older man who becomes sexually infatuated with a young girl, and a series of fantasy sequences (minus the rose pedals). Based on Alicia Erian’s controversial novel “Towel Head”, Nothing Is Private is a comedy about pedophilia and racial discrimination. Ball is able to turn these two very taboo subjects into 124 minutes of laugh out loud multi-layed entertainment.
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