Stranger Things Season 3 Influence

Since the third season of Stranger Things isn’t arriving until next summer, fans are still in the dark about where the Netflix original series is heading. While the second season seemed to end happily for our adolescent heroes, a giant shadow monster still loomed over the glitz and glamor of their school dance, setting an ominous tone for what’s to come in season 3.

There have been rumblings that Stranger Things 3 will be even darker than past seasons, but that doesn’t mean it will lose the lighthearted nature of the the characters at the center of this supernatural story. In fact, series regular David Harbour says part of Stranger Things 3 has been inspired by a certain Chevy Chase movie from the 1980s. But it’s probably not one you’d expect. Read More »

Stranger Things Season 3 Delay

The Duffer Brothers and producer Shawn Levy previously revealed that Stranger Things season 3 would take place during the summer. Now it’s not going to air until the summer either, missing the original late 2018 premiere window.

During the executive session with the Television Critics Association, Vice President of Original Programming Cindy Holland explained the Stranger Things season 3 delay, and also addressed one of the controversies that emerged after the second season premiered on Netflix. Read More »

Stranger Things 3 Teaser

If there’s one thing that best defines the 1980s, it’s the shopping mall. All the hip, cool kids spent their time aimlessly wandering around the consumer space, rarely spending money. Famed pop star Robin Sparkles even created an entire song about going to the mall (today). So there’s no better addition to the Stranger Things setting of Hawkins, Indiana in 1985 than their own shopping mall.

A new Stranger Things 3 teaser video acts as a vintage commercial for the new Starcourt Mall that will bring Hawkins, Indiana into the future. It’s safe to say that this setting will prove to be a popular new destination for the kids of the small Midwest town, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of monster ended up there too. Read More »

Stranger Things 3

It’s a busy time for genre television. Syfy has renewed its Superman prequel series Krypton for a second season, AMC’s horror series The Terror – which we thought came to an end last night – may return for a second season of its own, and a few cast members of Stranger Things 3 have teased fans can expect from the upcoming third season of Netflix’s beloved sci-fi hit. Read more about all three below.
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Stranger Things lifeguard

Actress Francesca Reale has been cast in a significant recurring role in the third season of Netflix’s sci-fi throwback series Stranger Things (stylized title: Stranger Things 3). Season 3 is set in the summer of 1985, and when the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana head to the pool to escape the summer heat, they’re going to need someone to keep an eye on them. That’s where Reale comes in. Read more about the new Stranger Things lifeguard below. Read More »

Stranger Things 3 Video

While we still don’t know exactly when we’ll get to see the third season of Netflix’s his sci-fi horror show Stranger Things, word on the street is that new episodes might not debut until 2019. But Netflix is all about the long lead when it comes to getting the hype train cranked up, and they’ve just announced the start of production that kicked off earlier this month.

A new Stranger Things 3 video revealed production on the next installment of the Netflix series began on April 20 this year, probably to keep all the kids from blazing it up and getting in all sorts of tabloid-worthy trouble. You know how these Hollywood kids operate. In addition to showing the arrival of some of our favorite cast members, it also teases the arrival of new ones as well. Read More »

Stranger Things 3 cast

Stranger Things 3, the third season of the hit Netflix series, is growing. Maya Thurman-Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, has joined the cast, and Priah Ferguson, who stole numerous scenes in season 2 as Lucas’ little sister, will return for a recurring role.

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Stranger Things 3 New Characters

When Stranger Things 2 debuted on Netflix last fall, the memorable cast of characters from the first season of the sci-fi horror series was joined be several new, key characters. The likes of Sean Astin, Brett Gelman, Dacre Montgomery, Sadie Sink and Paul Reiser expanded the world of Stranger Things and each character was key to the latest peculiar happenings in Hawkins, Indiana.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that Stranger Things 3 will be bringing several new characters into the fray. Descriptions of a few of the new players have come to light, and they provide some hints of where the story will head and what movies might influence the third season of the Netflix series. So who are these Stranger Things 3 new characters? Read More »