The Do-Over Red Band Trailer

Continuing the deal for Adam Sandler to make movies exclusively for Netflix, a new R-rated action comedy is coming to the streaming service this weekend. The Do-Over reunites Sandler with his Saturday Night Live buddy David Spade in a movie that feels straight out of the 1990s. Adam Sandler plays a bit of a badass who decides to help his old high school friend (Spade) out by fixing his boring life. The only problem is he does that by faking their deaths and giving them new identities that get them into some serious trouble.

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The Do-Over Trailer

Adam Sandler‘s partnership with Netflix either got off to a great start or a terrible one, depending on how you want to look at it. The Ridiculous 6 got horrid reviews even by Adam Sandler standards, and attracted controversy for its treatment of Native Americans. On the other hand, Netflix claims it was “the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix.” And in either case, it doesn’t really matter because Sandler already has a four-picture deal with the company. Now he’s preparing to drop the second of those movies.

The Do-Over stars Sandler regular David Spade as Charlie, a sad sack who spends his days shuffling between the job that he hates and the family that he doesn’t much care for either. A high school reunion puts him back in touch with an old friend, Max (Sandler), who seems to be living the dream. At first, Max offers Charlie the promise of a new life full of fun and adventure and pretty girls. But then Max tries to take things to the next level by faking their deaths, and things spiral out of control. Watch The Do-Over trailer after the jump.  Read More »

‘Walk of Shame’ Trailer


Little Nicky/Drillbit Taylor writer/director Steven Brill‘s new comedy Walk of Shame stars Elizabeth Banks as “a high-strung news anchor who, after a wild night out, finds herself locked out on the street with no phone, money, ID or car, and embarks on a series of misadventures as she finds her way to the most important job interview of her life. The trailer for the film has been released, and can be watched after the jump.

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Do you want to see a couple generations of today’s stars — Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and many more — spouting dirty jokes? Then Movie 43, masterminded by Peter “One Half of the Farrelly Brothers” Farrelly, probably has something for you. The red-band trailer has turned into an essential component in marketing the R-rated comedy, and when the comedy is promised as a collection of particularly dirty, foul-mouthed sketches, nothing but the red-band will do.

So here’s a first look at Movie 43, which features over 20 comedy sketches from nearly a dozen directors, and a cavalcade of stars. Some of the stuff is so in line with people’s previous work that it doesn’t even seem transgressive; I think one of the Scary Movies pooped on me, so seeing Anna Faris ask for the same thing is just turnabout/fair play. But seeing Halle Berry in wild mode might be great, and it’s always fun to see Kate Winslet go blue. (Check out Romance & Cigarettes if you’ve never seen it — not a great movie, but lord, does Winslet let go there.)

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“Bad cat.”

Before we begin, no, not Afterburner the video game, it’s Afterburn, and it still sounds pretty cool. Tobey Maguire and Neil Moritz (I Am Legend, xXx) are producing a feature film adaptation of the sci-fi comic book Afterburn, which follows a group of treasure-hunters for hire in the future who “recover” exotic valuables from an Earth half-destroyed by a solar flare. For instance, in the first issue which hit in January from upstart Red 5 Comics, the team must claim the Mona Lisa from a Louve in shambles. The devastating solar flare has left a wily world roamed by mutants, rival pirates and assorted derelicts that would make a pass on your sister. A director is not attached, but hopefully the tone is more I Am Legend than National Treasure, because the premise is grand.


Red 5 Comics is getting a round of applause today from film sites because the founders, who also wrote Afterburn, are online pioneers of geekdom (which is now cooler than hipsterdom). Obviously, they just hit it big. Paul Ens is a co-founder of the precocious Star Wars site and went on to be the director of Lucasfilm’s official site Somewhere Steven Brill shudders like Little Nicky. His pal Scott Chitwood co-founded TheForce and contributes to the film news sites and Superhero

The latter Red 5 geek describes Afterburn as “Indiana Jones meets Mad Max, but instead of ancient artifacts in cob-webbed temples in traditional pulp adventure” the characters raid more contemporary treasures from felled museums et al. Congrats to them both from Slashfilm, now go buy some castles and dent some Ferraris. If you’re wondering, Maguire is currently plotting his Robotech film for the big screen. No word if he’ll be starring in Ens’s and Chitwood’s vision.

Discuss: Sounds like Afterburn will make a good sci-fi movie, no? Anyone got a similar geek success story they’d like to share?

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Steven Brill’s Angry E-Mail to /Film

Steven Brill

In light of the recent coverage of director Steven Brill‘s e-mail replies to Star Wars fanboys, I thought it might be time to finally share a story I’ve been sitting on this since August. When the first Drillbit Taylor movie trailer was released, I was highly critical of the preview for being unfunny, and sarcastically referred to director Steven Brill as “the ‘genius’ behind Little Nicky”. And then one night, about a month later, I received this angry e-mail from Steven Brill (note: I have censored one of the words to make it safe for work):


you are a bitter f**k and you deserve all the unhappiness and frustration that I know you feel.

the genius behind Little Nicky


I laughed out loud when I got this e-mail. And to be fair, Brill later apologized, and is as it turns out, he is really nice guy. Just don’t insult his past, present or future work.

Drillbit Taylor Movie Trailer

 Drillbit Taylor Logo

Judd Apatow is on a roll. 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and SuperBad (which I had a chance to see during Comic-Con. It’s possibly the best teen comedy since American Pie.) And Apartow isn’t wasting any time. He’s striking while the iron is hot and cranking out so many movies, a backlash is bound to happen sooner or later. I mean, he can’t make all hits, can he?

Also at Comic-Con I was able to see the trailers for two new Apatow produced projects. Walk Hard, a music comedy starring John C. Reilly, and Drillbit Taylor, an Owen Wilson comedy about two kids hire a low-budget bodyguard to protect them from the playground bully. Apatow wrote the Walk The Line spoof, Seth Rogen wrote Drillbit. And I must sadly report that I was disappointed by both of the trailers.

Director Steven Brill who played Seth Rogen’s boss in Knocked Up hasn’t been hired in Hollywood since the horrendous 2004 “comedy” Without a Paddle. He was also the “genius” behind Little Nicky, so I guess that’s the level of film we should expect from Drillbit Taylor.

I’ve been a fan of all these guys since the beginning (Judd with Cable Guy/Ben Stiller Show, Rogen with Freaks and Geeks, Wilson with Bottle Rocket, and Reilly since Hard Eight). So I really want to like these flicks, but the trailers alone weren’t enough to sell me. The Walk Hard trailer will be attached to SuperBad which hits theaters in a couple weeks, but you can watch the Drillbit Taylor trailer now after the jump.

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