You're the Worst Red-band

You’re the Worst, a new show from FX, really dives in to sex as comedy as it follows a couple (Aya Cash and Chris Geere) who attempt to have a purely sexual relationship, and end up falling for each other anyway. Stephen Falk is the creator/exec producer/showrunner, and the pilot is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings of Summer, the future Metal Gear Solid film). The show is so open about sex that this You’re the Worst red-band trailer seems a lot more like a hard-R comedy ad than something for a TV show. This thing isn’t even vaguely safe for work, which means you probably want to watch it right now. Read More »

WEEDS (season 5)

At the end of our previous Weeds Session, we pondered why the Botwin clan, and specifically Nancy, were not taking day offs from their, um, non-jobs to patron a shooting range. The stakes in season five more than necessitate practicing self-defense across the board. And, c’mon, surely, Cesar has a few pistolas or an AK-47 laying around and directions to a desolate, empty field. (Yeah. He probably has a couple hundred of them X’d on a blood-stained map.)

And of course, it turns out we were right. Spoiler Alert: The episode that followed, number nine, “Suck ‘N’ Spit,” saw bullets fly and connect. But rather than pop off return shots, the following episodes have seen the Botwins pop pills, pop bottles of beer in the pool…and pop up in Guillermo‘s cell to order a hit. After the jump, we’ll discuss the latest developments from last Monday’s ep, “Ducks and Tigers.” With the season five finale only two episodes away, chime in with your opinions and predictions in the comments.

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