Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art

We love concept art. Conceptual artists usually present the most stunning version of the ideas presented in a screenplay, and often are much more beautiful than computer generated imagery in the movies themselves. And sometimes concept art gets to reveal a version of the movie that we didn’t get to see on the big screen. For example, Tor tipped us off to some of Stephan Martiniere‘s amazing Guardians of the Galaxy concept art images.

One of the pieces of concept art visualizes a location not seen in the movie, an alien planet that was apparently in credited co-screenwriter Nicole Perlman‘s original screenplay for the film. The planet is very significant to the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book storyline and, potentially, something we could see in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So if you’ve seen the film and are okay with comic book spoilers which could be adapted in future sequels, hit the jump.
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The Looking Glass War Concept Art


After concept work on Battlefield Earth, Red Planet, two Star Wars prequels and The Astronauts Wife, poor old Stephan Martiniere sure could use a break. Okay, that’s not entirely fair – he also got to contribue to I, Robot which ended up being quite a clever film, at least in terms of it’s imagery.

One of his assignments appears to be character designs for a film of The Looking Glass War, the Frank Beddor Alice in Wonderland spin off that Charles Roven is currently shepherding towards the big screen. After the break, some big and frightening pictures of some dudes in armour that seem to be spoiling for a right royal ruckus, as well as Alyss Heart, Beddor’s heroine.

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