On the November 9, 2017, we gathered in the /Film bunker for an emergancy episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman and Nerdist writer Amy Radcliffe to discuss the big breaking Star Wars news: Disney has announced a new Star Wars movie trilogy set outside of the Skywalker saga, to be helmed by Rian Johnson. They have also confirmed plans for a live-action Star Wars television series to debut on Disney’s streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019. Hit the jump to hear our geeky discussion.

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Star Wars live-action show

Just last month, ABC again confirmed they’ve had discussions with Lucasfilm about a live-action Star Wars television series. So far it seems a potential TV show has only been discussed. Nothing is for sure yet. According to the head of ABC, fans should remain patient, because a Star Wars show on ABC isn’t happening in the near-future.

Below, learn more about the live-action Star Wars TV series.

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