Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay Footage

Earlier this week, we saw the first trailer for a new Star Wars space combat video game called Star Wars Squadrons. Players will throw on a flight suit and hop into the cockpits of signature starfighters from both the Rebel Alliance (now the New Republic) and the Galactic Empire. Now some Star Wars Squadrons gameplay footage has arrived online to break down the various game modes, show off the ships you’ll be able to fly and customize, and introduce the characters you’ll be controlling and interacting with. Read More »

Star Wars: Squadrons Video Game Trailer

Even though Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have been satisfying extensions of theĀ Star Wars saga, there has been a distinct lack of modernĀ video games that let players hop in the cockpit of their favorite starfighters. But that’s about to change with a new video game called Star Wars: Squadrons, and the first trailer has arrived for the game that sounds a lot like a space combat version of Call of Duty. Watch it below. Read More »