star wars rebellion review

There’s no need to bury the lede here – designer Corey Konieczka‘s Star Wars: Rebellion is the best Star Wars board game ever made and a complete triumph on every level. It’s rare to find a tabletop experience that is this rich in theme while supplying gamers with genuinely compelling and balanced mechanics that enhance and support that theme every step of the way. Star Wars: Rebellion isn’t just an effective Star Wars simulator. It’s a surprisingly elegant and complex experience where each and every one of your decisions carries weight and feels important. It’s an excellent game beyond its theme. This is a game of desperation and strategy, of giant battles and skillful detective work, of hope and luck.

And it’s also a game where Darth Vader can abduct Mon Mothma and freeze her in carbonite after using the Death Star to blow up Naboo.

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Star Wars: Rebellion board game

Over the last few years I’ve become obsessed with tabletop gaming, and I’ve been trying to slowly bring tabletop coverage to /Film when it seemed appropriate: be it my feature on which board game movies Hollywood should make next, to Jacob Hall’s Cardboard Cinema features (his first two-part article was on the board games Star Wars fans would love).

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new Star Wars board game called Star Wars: Rebellion which seems very cool. Lets take a look at the Star Wars Rebellion board game, after the jump.

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