Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’ll be the first Snow White to the ball? Three separate studios are currently vying to get their competing Snow White movies to the big screen: Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, Relativity’s The Brothers Grimm: Snow White and Disney’s Snow and the Seven. And while we’ve heard plenty about the first two, little has been revealed about the Disney project except that it’ll see Snow White in China and the Seven Dwarves as Shaolin Monks.

Now, fresh off an Oscar nomination for Toy Story 3, screenwriter Michael Arndt, who already won as Oscar for writing Little Miss Sunshine, is in negotiations to rewrite the screenplay for Snow and the Seven and Oscar-winning production designer John Myhre has also come aboard to begin working on a look for the film.

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It doesn’t take a magic mirror to figure out the huge box office success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is to blame for the three different Snow White projects currently in development. There‚Äôs one by Relativity, one by Universal and one by Disney. The Relativity project, called The Brothers Grimm: Snow White was reportedly just offered to Tarsem Singh, the director of the visually intense Jennifer Lopez film The Cell. That move could put Relativity in line to get their project off the ground before Universal’s competing project called Snow White and the Huntsman. Meanwhile, Disney is working on Snow White and the Seven, which features the dwarfs as Shaolin monks. Read more about these projects after the break. Read More »