Slay the Dragon opens with the Flint Water Crisis in 2014, when officials of Flint, Michigan made a costly decision that poisoned the predominantly black residents of Flint. Brown liquid poured from household sinks, deaths occurred, and children were exposed to the contamination. The Flint Water Crisis is still to this day far from resolved. The government leadership’s laxness in fixing the problem attributed to a sense of security over their government seats. If their congressional maps guarantee them re-election, why bother with the woes of marginalized voters?

Inspired by David Daley’s book Ratf**ked, Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count, Slay the Dragon explores a method of voter suppression – other than voter ID laws, poll taxes that recently struck Florida, and shortened deadlines for absentee voters – that corrode democracy in ways easily underestimated or overlooked by those who lack political literacy.

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