A few sequel-related odds and ends for the afternoon. After the jump:

  • David Paymer lands a role as a diplomat in Jack Ryan
  • Katt Williams is the latest to sign up for Scary Movie 5
  • Sam Mendes probably won’t direct more Bond movies
  • Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning goes red-band

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We call it Sequel Bits, but technically speaking, two of these items are about prequels, not sequels. After the jump:

  • Watch a short animated prequel to The Man with the Iron Fists
  • Star Trek Into Darkness will get a prequel comic book miniseries
  • Is Michael Bay planning to shoot Transformers 4 in London?
  • Latest Skyfall clip has 007 and Q meeting for the first time
  • Which Skyfall stars are already signed on for future Bond films?
  • Zach Galifiankis goes for an eventful drive in The Hangover Part III set video

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It’s been a long four years since Quantum of Solace, but having seen Skyfall I can attest that it’s more than worth the wait. Now, with the film’s October 26 UK release and November 9 US release just around the corner, Sony / Columbia’s marketing team is turning up the heat with a new trailer, a new video production diary, and a new IMAX poster.

The cast and crew, meanwhile, are doing the press rounds, and a couple of interesting tidbits have slipped out. Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson revealed in a recent interview that there were no plans to take 007 into the third dimension, while director Sam Mendes name-checked Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films as a direct inspiration for Skyfall. Read their comments and watch the new videos after the jump.

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You’ve probably noticed by now that Sam MendesSkyfall is building some seriously amazing buzz, with ecstatic praise heaped on everything from the cinematography and action choreography to the acting and storytelling. On the plus side, that makes the film’s impending release that much more exciting. On the not-so-plus side, all that hype just makes November 9 (or October 26 for you lucky Brits) seem that much farther away.

For those hankering for an early Bond fix, we have some fun bits of B-roll to share with you today after the jump. The videos show stars Daniel CraigJavier BardemJudi Dench, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw, and Bérénice Marlohe shooting various key scenes, from quiet conversations to splashy action setpieces. Check them out after the jump.

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The 23rd film in the James Bond series premiered in the UK on Friday, and we have an early spoiler-free video blog reaction. I recorded my thoughts alongside Alex Billington from FirstShowing, a huge Bond fanatic who balances out my ambivalence to much of the series.

I think the latest entry into the Bond franchise will please both Bond fanatics and casual viewers, striking a great compromise between old Bond feel and contemporary action and seriousness. For me the highlight was Roger Deakins‘ cinematography, beautiful, striking, the best looking Bond film to date. There is one sequence in Shanghai which looks and feels like a contemporary Blade Runner but with the action of the Mission: Impossible series. Watch our complete video blog embedded after the jump to hear more.
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Today is Bond Day, which is a fancy way of saying this is the 50th anniversary of the release of Dr. No, the first film in the now long-running series. The release of Skyfall, the twenty-third Bond movie (not counting two unofficial releases in Casino Royale v.1 and Never Say Never Again) is just weeks away, and MGM, Sony, and EON Productions are going all-out to make sure we remember that Bond is back.

Yesterday saw the release of the excellent Skyfall theme song by Adele, and now we’ve got a new trailer that features the tune. In addition to that, a new ‘making of’ video blog has been released, along with quite a few little video retrospectives that offer a fond look back at the series. Read More »

While MGM, Sony, and EON Productions have been trying to keep a lid on all things Bond as the twenty-third film, Skyfall, races toward release, it was inevtiable that something was going to get out of hand. That something in this case is the title tune from Adele. Officially announced only days ago and partially leaked then, the full song has now hit the internet hours ahead of the planned “official” premiere. (That premiere is set for 0:07 GMT / 7:07EST tonight.)

This leak isn’t anything that is going to hurt the film, however, because the tune is a good one that calls back to the most classic notions of Bond. Rich in orchestral swells and Shirley Bassey overtones, this is a lush, gorgeous bit of audio to accompany Bond’s trip back to the big screen. You can purchase the track for real tomorrow, but in the meantime hit the break to listen to the whole thing.

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Feels like it has been years since chart-topping UK singer Adele was first rumored to be the choice to sing the theme for James Bond’s twenty-third (official) cinema outing. In part the long-standing rumor is due to the fact that Adele just seems like the best choice, as her vocal style sounds spot-on for a Bond theme. The series hasn’t had a theme by a UK artist since the mid-’80s (Duran Duran’s ‘A View to a Kill’) and so the choice seems perfect for Bond’s 50th anniversary.

Now Adele has tweeted a look at the printed version of the tune that will serve as the title theme to Sam MendesSkyfall, and the powers that be at EON Productions have confirmed her for the tune, with an announcement that the song will premiere later this week. (Edit: a minute and a half preview of the track is online. It sounds great, and is embedded below.)

And in addition to that, we’ve got a featurette on some of the underwater work done for the film. Read More »

‘Skyfall’ Will Be Released In IMAX One Day Early

Well that’s one way to get audiences to see a movie in IMAX that wasn’t shot in IMAX. Sony will release Sam MendesSkyfall, the latest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, in IMAX one day before its North American release date: November 8. It’ll open on traditional screens the following day, November 9. Expect tickets to go on sale soon. [Twitter]

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Time for a new look at the twenty-third James Bond film, Skyfall, and this one comes complete with a big warning about what a badass the new villain Silva is. As the blond bad guy, Javier Bardem should be a great deal of fun, and while this new trailer doesn’t really give us much of a look at Bardem in action beyond what we’ve already seen, it does offer up a stern and frightened warning from Berenice Marlohe about how worried Bond should be when it comes to dealing with the guy.

The trailer offers some new footage, most of which is conveniently front-loaded for those who’ve devoured all the other trailer drops so far. Check it out below. Read More »