new Penguins of Madagascar trailer

If you’ve got some secret agent stuff that needs doing, you could hire James Bond. But he has to put on a tux for formal work. Why not hire a crew that is always wearing tuxes? Penguins of Madagascar opens up the hidden backstory of the birds from the Madagascar films. They’re masters of disguise and espionage, these guys (well, birds) and willing to leap into danger at a moment’s notice. In this new Penguins of Madagascar trailer we see some more of their antics, and also get to hear a bit more of Benedict Cumberbatch, as the voice of a classy spy outfit. Read More »

Briefly: The animated Madagascar spin-off movie intended to showcase the four scene-stealing pengiuns from that series now has a director. Simon Smith, who co-directed Bee Movie for Dreamworks, is now set to hold the reins on the film, which was fast-tracked back in March. That was when Megamind writers Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons were hired to script.

The penguins have proven to be one of the most popular aspects of the Mardagascar films and have already been given their own short, and an animated show on Nickelodeon. We still don’t have any new info on the story or casting for this one, but with a director in place that should all be announced sooner rather than later. [THR]