The producing team behind Martha Marcy May Marlene also put together Simon Killer, a film that follows a young man (Brady Corbet) as he skips off to Europe following a breakup, and gets involved with a prostitute. As the title of the film suggests, things don’t go very well. Germain liked the film very much at Sundance last year, and Simon Killer has been one of the films for which we’ve waited patiently for a theatrical release.

IFC Midnight has the film, and has released its first trailer today. Not long ago we saw a UK ad for the movie that pitched it very close to Martha Marcy May Marlene territory — a slow burn, with a tense buildup.

This trailer is much more energetic, driven by a pulsing electronic soundtrack and featuring a strobing, intense visual aesthetic. It’s a great piece of editing. Read More »

‘Simon Killer’ Trailer

Sometimes it takes a long time for distributors to settle on a release plan for films they buy at Sundance. A couple of big 2012 titles are just now being teased to the public, for example. Take The Shining documentary Room 237, which just got a US trailer today in anticipation of a late March release.

Now here’s the trailer for Simon Killer. The indie thriller, directed by Antonio Campos (Afterschool) and starring Brady Corbet, whose appearance in the film was widely praised, has been dormant since IFC bought it last year. But now a UK trailer has surfaced, and it gives a pretty good taste of the uneasy story.

Simon Killer comes from the producers of Martha Marcy May Marlene, and has been likened to that film in the way that uncertainty and a clinical eye are used to create tension. The title alone should tell you that Corbet’s character is ultimately not the best guy around, but this trailer does a fine job of laying out some of what leads to the film’s climax. Read More »

Watching Antonio Campos‘s Simon Killer at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, I couldn’t help think of AMC ‘s TV show Breaking Bad. Both that show and this film embrace their titles and feature the systematic devolution of a human from generally likable to downright nasty. Simon Killer just does it through an indie film lens: subtly, psychologically and with a younger character. That character, Simon, masterfully played by Melancholia star Brady Corbet, is a troubled young college graduate trying to find himself in Paris. From there, he slowly becomes a despicable human being you can’t take your eyes off of.

I can’t say Simon Killer is always pleasant to watch, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to make you feel the way this character feels, and in that it aim it succeeds. Read More »