sheena queen of the jungle reboot

On the heels of the runaway success of Wonder Woman, studios are scrambling to find their own powerful female heroine to launch onto the big screen. Luckily Millennium Films didn’t have to look far for their own: the titular heroine of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle has already been depicted three times before on both film and television.

Millennium’s Sheena: Queen of the Jungle reboot will be more than just a rehash of what made Wonder Woman a huge hit. In fact, Wonder Woman could owe a bit to Sheena, who was debuted as the first female comic book character with her own solo title in 1938, preceding Wonder Woman by three years. Now the rest of the world — who aren’t already aware of the pulpy action heroine from the ’80s B-movie or the comics — will be introduced to one of the first female American pop culture icons.

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