Shaun the Sheep movie

It’s been two decades since Shaun the Sheep made his first appearance in the Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit short A Close Shave. In that time, he’s starred in his own TV series, launched a spinoff TV series, and released a series of video games. Now he’s finally getting his own movie.

Shaun the Sheep: The Movie sees our woolen hero getting up to some mischief which leads to the Farmer to be taken away. In an effort to set things right, Shaun and his pals must head into the big city. Aardman Animation fans will definitely want to check out the Shaun the Sheep trailer after the jump. Read More »

Shaun the Sheep teaser

Nick Park created Shaun the Sheep for his Wallace and Gromit shorts, and the character was originally seen in A Close Shave. Since then, Shaun has gone on to star in over 100 short episodes of his own Aardman Animation stop-motion animated television show. Now he’s got his own movie, written and directed by Mark Burton (Madagascar and Gnomeo & Juliet writer) and Richard Starzack. We don’t know what plans exist for a US release of the film, but Aardman fans should check out the Shaun the Sheep teaser trailer below. Read More »