The Last Sharknado Trailer

It’s been five years since SyFy brought the purposely stupid Sharknado to our screens. We’ve gotten a sequel each year since then, expanding the ludicrous B-movie’s mythology and bringing more and more D-list celebrities into the path of the shark infested funnel of death. But the joke has gone on too long, and the franchise if thankfully coming to an end.

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time is the sixth and final installment of SyFy’s atrocious TV movie series, and the sad thing is that the kind of stuff we’re seeing in this movie isn’t too dissimilar from what unfolded in Transformers: The Last Knight. Watch The Last Sharknado trailer below and you’ll see what we’re dealing with. Read More »

Sharknado 6

Syfy let a goofy joke get out of hand after their original B-movie Sharknado became a ratings hit. The movie about a tornado that picks up sharks from the ocean and sends them into the flooding city streets of Los Angeles launched an inexplicable franchise that has delivered four sequels so far. But Syfy has one more shark-infested cyclone up its sleeve.

Sharknado 6, which will likely have a stupid subtitle to go along with it, has been announced by Syfy. It will be the final installment of the franchise, and what better way to send off Sharknado than by bringing time travel into the equation. Read More »