After his star-making turn in Thor, Chris Hemsworth is likely to find himself in the same sort of position his Star Trek co-star Chris Pine did a couple years back. Like Chris Pine, Hemsworth has a couple films in the can that might be released in the future (and his are higher profile: Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods) and he’s already cast in a few other big projects, like Snow White and the Huntsman and that little movie The Avengers. In fact, it looks like he’s already outpacing Chris Pine when it comes to lining up jobs.

Now the actor is looking like the latest surfer on the wave of reality-based ensemble military thrillers. Sony has just picked up a pitch called Shadow Runner (sounds like a mid-tier video game) and set Chris Hemsworth to star. He’ll play an elite military type who takes on “impossible tasks.” Does Paramount have the copyright on impossible tasks thanks to the M:I franchise? Read More »