These days, online short films are a dime a dozen. When almost anyone can shoot, edit, and upload a movie with almost any piece of technology they own, it makes standing out of the crowd pretty difficult. One way to do that is with impressive special effects like the ones created by software company Red Giant in the new short film Order Up. Directed by¬†Seth Worley, the super short, super impressive film tells the story of what happens when a pizza delivery goes horribly wrong. Check it out below. Read More »

The short film Plot Device is, admittedly, an ad. Produced by software maker Red Giant to show off the capabilities of the company’s Magic Bullet Suite 11, the film puts a mysterious object — a Plot Device — into the hands of a would-be filmmaker. When activated, the device turns reality into cinema, full of unexpected twists, unwelcome action, and alien goop. (And a couple Garden State rejects, just to make sure all bases are covered.) In short, this is a nine-minute movie that races through a half-dozen film genres, and does so with humor and panache. Check it out below. Read More »