Eight for Silver review

Werewolf stories frequently involve allegorical explorations of the duality of man: the clash between the “civilized” surface layer and the violent beast within. But unlike so many other films in this genre, writer/director Sean Ellis‘s new werewolf thriller Eight for Silver does not fixate on a gruesome physical transformation to illustrate that duality. Instead, Ellis deploys the werewolf as a roaming specter hellbent on revenge – and in this film, innocent people are forced to suffer for the sins of their elders. Read More »

trial 4 trailer

Netflix’s latest true crime docuseries tackles an upsettingly relevant topic and a distressingly urgent deadline. Trial 4 is an upcoming eight-part documentary series that tells the story of Sean K. Ellis, who has spent 22 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted at age 19 of the 1993 murder of Boston police detective John Mulligan. Three trials later — two with hung juries and one that got him freed from jail on bail in 2015 — Ellis is facing a fourth trial that will decide whether he will be put back behind bars. Watch the Trial 4 trailer below.

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Best known for the visually impressive (but overlong) Cashback, British director Sean Ellis is now trying his hand at horror with The Broken. The cast includes Lena Heady (300, The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and the always great Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under, The Visitor). Don’t ask me to decipher this plot though:

On a busy street in London, Gina thinks she sees herself drive past in her own car. Stunned by this strange event, Gina follows the mystery woman up to her apartment. From here, events take an eerie turn for the worse until Gina’s awareness slides from solid reality into a world that will haunt more than just her nightmares.

Judging from the below trailer, the film seems to be as highly stylized as Cashback, and it’s definitely aiming for an atmospheric horror experience. Ellis’s first short, Left Turn, was also a moody horror film, so at least we know he’s not completely new to the genre. Hopefully we’ll get a better sense of what this film is actually about in future trailers.

I also hope that Ellis has since learned to trim some fat from his films after Cashback. It was clear to me within the first thirty minutes of that film that it had some serious pacing problems due to lax editing. Perhaps that’s just part of the danger with adapting a short film, but the film still exhibited some dangerous excess which could potentially be detrimental to a budding young director.

The Broken currently doesn’t have a US release date, but we’ll certainly keep you posted. You can view more clips from the film over at Twitch.