The Avengers 2 is a couple years off at this point, with a release targeted for 2015. Between now and then writer/director Joss Whedon has a lot of other work to do with Marvel as he and the company’s team comes up with a plan for the sequel. But when that plan is together, there’s a good chance that cinematographer Seamus McGarvey will be on hand to bring it to the screen.

McGarvey has done great work in films like We Need to Talk About Kevin, High Fidelity, and Atonement, but The Avengers, as one of the biggest films of all time, brought his work to a massive audience. No wonder he’s keen to return to the series. Read More »

Oh boy, it’s a Marvel vs. DC throw down. Christopher Nolan’s long-time cinematographer, Wally Pfister, who shot not only this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises, but the other two Dark Knight films as well, had some choice words for Marvel’s big 2012 superhero film: The Avengers:

I thought ‘The Avengers’ was an appalling film. They’d shoot from some odd angle and I’d think, why is the camera there? Oh, I see, because they spent half a million on the set and they have to show it off. It took me completely out of the movie. I was driven bonkers by that illogical form of storytelling.

He also revealed that his directorial debut, which Nolan will produce, will be a “modern day sci-fi film,” that’s much smaller than Batman. Read more and discuss the Batman vs. Avengers throw down ater the jump. Read More »

The Avengers cinematographer Seamus McGarvey caused a minor internet firestorm last week when he said in an interview that shots in The Avengers were taken on an iPhone. Those shots ended up in the movie, he said, and even in the film’s recently-released trailer.

Now McGarvey says he was misquoted. His follow-up is that he talked about emerging new film technology, and that he actually did shots for The Avengers on the Canon 5D, not the iPhone. Read his statement below. Read More »

‘The Avengers’ Shot Partially on an iPhone

If you’re a regular reader of Superhero Bits, you already knew this and if you aren’t, what the heck are you thinking? Yesterday we ran a bit that has since gone viral so we figured we’d pull it out for all to see. It turns out Seamus McGarvey, Joss Whedon‘s director of photography on The Avengers, revealed in a recent interview that some of Marvel’s epic superhero team-up was shot on an iPhone. The shots not only ended up in the movie; they’ve already been used in the trailer. Read his exact words and analyze the trailer below. Read More »