A lot of people might not recognize the name Mabrouk El Mechri, but I bet a lot of you recognize the name of his last film: JCVD. He’s finally about to follow up that film with a kidnapping thriller called The Cold Light of Day, which was announced earlier this year. And he’s got Henry Cavill from The Tudors along for the ride. Read More »

Summit Finds a New Thriller: The Cold Light of Day


Some of the early big pictures for Summit Entertainment was involved in were thrillers: Memento, Vanilla Sky and Insomnia. But the company has courted kids lately with Twilight, Sorority Row and Sex Drive. But the company hasn’t ruled out making fantasy films for adults — Summit has just picked up a script called The Cold Light of Day, by writers Scott Wiper and John Petro, which the company will co-finance and distribute. Read More »

The Condemned Poster, Movie Trailer and Stills Revealed

The Condemned

WWE won’t give up. They have their mind set on making a genre classic with a WWE wrestler in the lead role. Too bad, their track record has been pretty bad: See No Evil, a bloody horror/thriller starring Kane, and The Marine, an action thriller starring John Cena. Now comes a film starring the man that started the second wrestling revolution, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Check out the movie poster, stills, and a trailer after the jump.
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