Sylvester Stallone is currently over in Philly getting started on the Rocky spin-off Creed, and once that’s done he’s looking to revisit another of his iconic characters. The actor and screenwriter has confirmed he is working on Rambo: Last Blood (or is it Last Blood: Rambo?). In fact, it’ll move forward before his mob drama Scarpa does. More details on the Sylvester Stallone Rambo Last Blood update after the jump.  Read More »

Sean Penn in Talks For Mob Movie Scarpa

Antoine Fuqua‘s Brooklyn’s Finest has become the first sale to make news during Sundance (yeah, let’s forget the deals that happened before the festival had even kicked off – where’s the marketable hype value in those?). Senator have reportedly paid $5 million for the film, so you’d imagine they’re very happy with it. Or, on the other hand, maybe not…

“It strikes me that the ending will be different” said their president Mark Urman. He does add that Antoine Fuqua “must be happy” with the new ending, but what if Fuqua is happy with the one he’s got? I suppose the suggestion is that the director is feeling flexible – he did sign the deal after all. Or maybe Senator’s commitment to an 8-figure fund for prints and advertising balanced the issue. Or perhaps – just perhaps – Fuqua doesn’t like the ending he’s given his own film and wants to “fix” it.

While promoting the film, Fuqua talked about his plans for future projects, including the movie he’s negotiating with Sean Penn for.

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