The severe void of female directors in Hollywood needs to cease, so maybe actresses with the urge like Drew Barrymore and now Scarlett Johansson can be a catalyst. Johansson, a New Yorker, is attached to direct one of the twelve short films that will make up New York, I Love You, a bookend to the recent swooning hit Paris, je t’aime. Like dirty pigeons flocking together to form a feathery heart, the shorts will take a look at “the universal theme of encountering love within the five boroughs of New York City.” And if you haven’t yet confessed your love to a semi-stranger in one of the city’s many dark rooms while under the influence, you’ve got a fun homework assignment for Monday.

While Woody Allen won’t direct a segment, he’s Woody Allen and can help where he wants. I was surprised to see that some of New York’s finest like Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and Jim Jarmusch won’t be contributing, nor will wildman Abel Ferrara. But it makes sense that a guy nicknamed The Rat will direct aka Brett Ratner. And Zach Braff is there to lend some [chortle] indie cred. Williamsburg calls, Zach. And where’s that mumblecore dude? Interesting choices include the Hughes Brothers, Old Boy‘s Chan-wook Park and The English Patient‘s Anthony Minghella.

In other news, Page Six reports that Johansson’s still up for the part of Courtney Love in the Kurt Cobain biopic Heavier Than Heaven. I forgot my sunglasses today, so I’m not in the mood to discuss that.