sasquatch trailer

Could Bigfoot be behind the dozens of missing persons surrounding the Redwoods in Northern California? The various mangled bodies that are discovered in the treacherous woods? Or is there something more sinister at play? The Duplass Brothers-produced documentary series Sasquatch attempts to answer these questions, investigating the myth of Bigfoot and the mysteries of the heavily guarded dope farms of the area. Watch the Sasquatch trailer below.

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We live in the age of Peak True Crime. You can’t search for a podcast without stumbling over countless new shows about grisly murders. You can’t browse Netflix without skimming past that week’s latest miniseries about a serial killer you’ve never heard about. And let’s face it: we eat it up. We devour these unsettling stories of monsters and victims because they are fascinating, because they are primal, because they are real, because they hold consequence. Nothing grips like a cold, hard truth.

And yet, we’ve also reached the point where the beats of a true crime series are so familiar, their style and pacing so specific, that they can be effortlessly parodied in something like the late, great American Vandal. So, what’s a true crime series to do?

This year’s online SXSW Film Festival premiered two new true crime shows with very different priorities. Hulu’s Sasquatch feels like a bold new statement for the genre, an offbeat blend of investigative reporting and documentary filmmaking with a deep dive into the supernatural and the unexplainable. Simply put: it’s a true crime doc where the killer may be Bigfoot. Really. Meanwhile, Starz’s Confronting a Serial Killer doubles down on a back-to-the-basics approach, stripping away the bombast of so many modern series and putting its lens on what often gets lost in true crime stories: the victims.

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