Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie Trailer

Beverly Hills Chihuahuah

If you have the cojones to watch this new trailer, please quickly seek rehabilitation afterward at FAIL Dogs. A friend close to this production continues to boast maniacally that $100 million box office is a lock. Rapping dogs kill, kids.

[flv: 470 200]

Beverly Hills Chihuahuah, starring the voice work of Drew Barrymore and George Lopez, opens on September 26th/apocalypse.


Somebody, a trashcan, quick. Full disclosure: There are two degrees of separation between me and this production. I knowwww. Disney sent Slashfilm the official one sheet for September’s live-action Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which stars voice-actors Drew Barrymore (no Long?), George Lopez (zing!), Salma Hayek (obvi), Paul Rodriguez (his son’s more famous), Cheech Marin (holy Slashfilm controversy!) and…cue Jan Hammer theme muzak…Edward James Olmos (pwns).

Yeah, this movie is indirectly inspired by Paris Hilton’s, um, fur purse. I asked my BHC conec what I should say about the flick to get our readers excited, he says: “The poster speaks for itself.” Indeed. But no 3D?

Discuss: Just comment with “FEROSH” or something equally “ugh” in the comments until some champ ruins it.

PS: Human Giant‘s inoperable Paul Scheer is giving away tix to the Sept. 26 premiere on his official site.