There’s something great about producer Allison Hord and writer/director Ryan Perez admitting that iSteve, their “feature film” about Steve Jobs that was written in three days and filmed in five, is really just sourced from Jobs’ WikiPedia page.

The biopic is a particular film structure that is suspect at best and often totally full of hot air. We’ve seen a great many biopics that claim to be authoritative, but which either obviously or deceptively deviate from reality. Here, it’s like Hord and Perez have just cut out all the pretense towards making a film that is perfectly representative of the subject, and made something that exploits the subject for its own ends. Which is what many other films do without being so up front about it. And as Perez said a while back, “We might not be the best, but we will be the first.”

That iSteve stars Justin Long, the face of Apple from an instant-classic set of commercials, is icing on the cake. So now we can get to the question: is iSteve any good? It doesn’t have the quick zing of most of Funny or Die’s content — at almost 80 minutes it simply can’t — but there are good bits. It only takes a couple minutes for iSteve to turn completely ridiculous, making it clear that this is a biopic parody more than anything else.  Read More »

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Sony’s still figuring out what it wants to do with their Steve Jobs biopic, and Open Road just got cold feet about opening theirs. But out of the blue, a third competing project has arrived on the horizon. Funny or Die — yes, really — has just announced the April 15 online release of iSteve, a parodic take on the late Apple founder.

In an inspired bit of casting, former Mac pitchman Justin Long will take the lead as the turtlenecked tech icon. Jorge Garcia plays Steve Wozniak, while James Urbaniak and Michaela Watkins play Bill and Melinda Gates. Personally, I would’ve loved to see Funny or Die take the “Get a Mac” connection one step further with John Hodgman as Gates, but Urbaniak should bring plenty of laughs as well. Hit the jump to read more.

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“Your childhood memories will be raped” by this creepy, twisted, but incredibly funny new Funny or Die video.  It’s a live-action version of the popular 1990s Nickeoldeon cartoon Rugrats starring Michael Angarano as Tommy, Alia Shawkat as Chuckie and Mae Whitman as the evil, manipulative big-girl Angelica. In true Funny or Die fashion, the red-band trailer digs deep and exploits the sadistic subtexts of the show which were only visible to an older audience. Check it out. Read More »