The Gamechangers trailer

One of the most controversial video game franchises ever made is Rockstar Games’ super violent Grand Theft Auto. Few games have drawn the vitriol of various organizations against violence in video games in the name of just wanting to keep the kids safe. Now the story of how the game was created, and the protests that followed, will be told on the big screen.

The BBC is behind a TV movie called The Gamechangers starring Harry Potter franchise lead Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser, who found himself in a battle with Christian lawyer Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton) as Thompson tried to shut down the production of the Grand Theft Auto video games. Watch The Gamechangers trailer after the jump! Read More »

GTAV Minigun

With games like Grand Theft Auto V, the line between video game and movie get more and more blurred. Rockstar Games long ago mastered blending cinematic storytelling with an immersive, interactive experience and their latest opus looks like it enhances the company’s approach. The game is set for release on September 17. Check out three new trailers, focused on characters named Michael, Franklin and Trevor, below. Read More »