We’ve got a few announcements of projects that got new directors today, or of films that are getting off the ground because of the names now attached to make them happen. After the break there’s info on:

  • Roman Polanski’s new film, based on the Dreyfus Affair
  • David Slade being set to make a thriller called Villain
  • and Nick Cassavetes will direct Kristen Stewart’s action movie Cali.

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Paul Greengrass To Direct ‘The Fear Index’

Update: This is now confirmed.

At this point Paul Greengrass has not directed more movies than he’s directed. Let me explain. Since his last film, Green Zone, the director has been attached to at least nine different projects. Some he’s committed to doing, others just floated his name, but considering he’s only directed seven features (though we really only talk about five) it’s a pretty staggering number of possible projects to be attached to in under two years. Either he’s really unlucky, like was the case with Memphis, or really picky, as was probably the case with Fantastic Voyage. Most likely a combination of both.

All this, of course, leads to the obvious. Novelist and screenwriter Robert Harris said that Paul Greengrass is “on board” to direct the film version of his upcoming novel, The Fear Index. Read more after the jump. Read More »


A few years back, Roman Polanski and Robert Harris spent a lot of time developing Pompeii, which would have seen Polanski directing a script by both men based on Harris’ historical novel about the days leading to the ancient volcanic disaster. That film fell apart when the Screen Actors Guild threatened to strike — either because of possibility of the strike or other internal pressures or, most likely, a combination of both.

Now there is a new version being prepared, which Ridley Scott has just joined as a producer. Read More »

Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer Movie Trailer

Boy-oh-boy is the trailer for Roman Polanski‘s The Ghost Writer melodramatic. This is some seriously loud filmmaking. It’s embedded beyond the break, but I suspect you can already feel it rumbling from up here.

The film is an adaptation of Robert Harris‘ thriller novel about a British Prime Minister based quite closely upon Tony Blair, and the nastiness that surrounds him. Pierce Brosnan is the PM and Ewan McGregor is the scribe called in the help him finish his memoirs after his last ghost writer dies in mysterious circumstances. It’s definitely a rather political story but the film seems pitched at a suitable level for easier, guilty-pleasure style consumption. Best of both worlds?

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Ask and ye shall receive. Just a couple of hours ago I wrote about the US release date for Roman Polanski‘s new film The Ghost Writer, starring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. Given that Summit set February 19 as the date, I assumed that we’d see a trailer any day now. In fact, there’s one right now. Only trouble is, it’s in German. Check it out after the break. Read More »