Big Hero 6 Behind the Scenes

Earlier this summer, a group of journalists was invited to Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA to learn about the impressive process that went into Disney’s latest film Big Hero 6Big Hero 6 is based on, but not linked to, a Marvel comic book of the same name. That makes it the first Disney animated Marvel movie and while the comic and film share very little in common two things they do share are the focus on action and emotion.

We posted a nice long piece about all of the cool tidbits we learned about the film but, we also got a chance to sit down with some of the lead creators of the film. Below, we’ve go an interview with Paul Briggs, the head of story on the film, and Robert L. Baird, who wrote the screenplay. We discussed the complicated development of an animated film with so many moving parts, what it’s like working as a writer at Disney Animation Studios, the schedule and how far the work ahead, writing superhero action that meshes with Disney’s sensibilities and why they think Disney hasn’t done many sequels.

Below, read our interview with the men behind the story and words in Big Hero 6. Read More »