Adam Review - Sundance
There have been plenty of romantic comedies where one of the parties involved pretends to be something they’re not in order to get the object of their affection to fall deeply in love with them. But what we haven’t seen is one of those movies set firmly in the world of the LGBTQ community during the summer of 2006 in New York City. And we especially haven’t seen one where a high school kid falls for a lesbian girl, who assumes he’s a trans boy, and decides to keep up the facade in order to keep the relationship going. That’s where the Sundance selected film Adam comes into play.

If that premise sounds problematic, that’s because it is, and some who encountered Ariel Schrag‘s 2014 book on which it’s based thought the same thing. But in 2018, and in the hands of trans filmmaker Rhys Ernst (Transparent), the film is a lighthearted, funny, and poignant exploration of gender and sexual identity that allows for mistakes to be made and forgiven, all in favor of inclusiveness and love. Read More »