First Look: Red Tails


We’ve heard a couple of rumors about Red Tails, the World War II flick about the Tuskegee Airmen produced by George Lucas and directed by Anthony Hemingway. But until now we haven’t seen any photos or images. You can see a few behind the scenes shots after the break, culled from a large collection of photos that are meant to show off the digital imaging tech used to shoot the feature. Read More »


Not too long ago there was word that Red Tails, the WWII movie produced by George Lucas and directed by The Wire‘s Anthony Hemingway, would be undergoing extensive reshoots. At the time, the report was that Lucas and producer Rick McCallum were quite unhappy with Hemingway’s material. That seemed dubious, though the idea of reshoots was certainly credible.

Not long after, Lucas said that the report was inaccurate, but didn’t deny it outright. Now there’s more information, and yes, Lucas is directing the reshoots, making Red Tails the first non-Star Wars film to bear his directorial touch in quite some time. (Possibly since American Graffiti, but one has to suspect that he has essentially directed at least small portions of other films he’s produced since then.) Read More »

George Lucas Directing Massive Red Tails Reshoots?


We haven’t known very much about Red Tails, the film that George Lucas has been producing about the WWII Tuskegee Airmen. The film was shot last year and has been in post, and there hasn’t been an image or a scrap of footage released to the public. The most significant info about the film comes from an AICN script review filed by the trusty Mr. Beaks, dated well before shooting began. Now there’s a report that Lucas isn’t happy with the footage shot last year and that he will direct “massive” reshoots to fix the film. Read More »


Somehow, I’m not surprised that Lucasfilms is the first major Hollywood production company (that we’ve heard of) to look into consumer-level DSLR digital cameras that can shoot HD video. For better or worse, George Lucas has always been a pioneer in digital filmmaking. Learning how to use these small DSLRs (at least, compared to large professional-grade HD cameras) could help them immensely with future projects.

We know that Lucasfilm is interested in these cameras because they invited filmmaker and DSLR blogger Philip Bloom over to the Skywalker Ranch to demonstrate what, exactly, they’re capable of. Bloom wrote up his experience on his blog, and also compiled a mesmerizing bit of HD footage filmed around the ranch. They also revealed to Bloom that they’re interested in using the cameras for cockpit footage in their upcoming Tuskagee airmen feature, Red Tails — and possibly even in the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV series.

His full quote on how they’re using these cameras, as well as his Skywalker Ranch footage in glorious 1080p, after the break.

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Anthony Hemingway To Direct George Lucas’ Red Tails

Red Tails is one of those projects that I’ve never been interested in. George Lucas has been developing the film since 1989, and was originally going to direct the movie himself. He infamously put the project aside to helm the Star Wars prequels. It has now been officially announced that Anthony Hemingway (The Wire, CSI: NY, ER) has signed on to helm the project.

Scripted by John Ridley, the story follows the true events surrounding the first African Americans to become US military pilots in WWII. At first harassed on Racial grounds, the Tuskegee Airmen went on to become heavily in-demand, and were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. LucasFilm is financing the project for a reported $30-$35 million. Production will begin early next year in Prague, Italy, Croatia and England.

Okay, to recap: We have a film developed by George Lucas for the last 20 years, written by the guy who created Undercover Brother and directed by a television director? I’ll pass.

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