Comic Con: The Expendables Panel

The Expendables

Having spent formative years watching films starring Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and more, there’s something a bit awe-inspiring about looking up at a table packed with all those guys. I’m not talking about anything like hero worship. But when you can stare straight at a bunch of performers who have managed to carve out and maintain a very specific type of career, it’s an impressive thing.

Stallone assembled this crew for The Expendables, and they hit the San Diego Comic Con en masse to promote the film. No shocking news came out of their panel, and the footage was very much in line with what we’ve seen from the film. But the conversation was fun for action movie lovers. And hell, watching an entire audience grow chest hair simply by virtue of proximity to this collection of men is quite a thing to behold. Read More »

The Expendables

When you put a bunch of musclebound dudes, including most of the biggest action stars in the world, into one movie, how do you go about selling it? Not with the first full trailer for The Expendables — you do it like this. The Monocular Group has cut the first Expendables trailer that is truly for men, and if you’re not grinning by the end, this movie wasn’t for you in the first place. Read More »


When you see Inglrourious Basterds this weekend and realize that Quentin Tarantino hasn’t quite made the ‘men on a mission’ movie he once talked about, you might be ready for Sylvester Stallone‘s ‘men on a mission’ movie The Expendables. (Disclaimer: I liked, perhaps loved Basterds, but it’s not a straight-up action movie by any means. Do not take that as a reason not to see it!) We’ve already seen some fun behind the scenes footage from Stallone’s flick (pow! pow! pow!) and now we’ve got some actual footage cut into a piece promoting a UFC fight.

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