Ralph Breaks VR Review

Want to throw virtual pancakes or milkshakes at kitties and bunnies in a strawberry-scented diner? If the answer is yes (and who out there would say no?), you’ll love Ralph Breaks VR—a hyper-reality experience created by The VOID and ILMxLAB that uses VR technology, physical stages, and sensory effects to make you feel like you’re in the weird world of the internet with some animated friends.

Ralph Breaks VR, which was released in November 2018 in tandem with the Ralph Breaks the Internet movie, is the second time The VOID has partnered with ILMxLAB, an offshoot of Lucasfilm that focuses on immersive entertainment. The first collaboration—Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire—is an unbeatable experience, one that puts you in the role of a Resistance spy dressed up as a stormtrooper, blaster guns and all. Ralph Breaks VR creates an entire world in its own right; during the 20 to 30-minute adventure, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz lead guests (who choose one of six “Netizen” avatars) into their internet-world, which includes, among other things, the aforementioned pancakes and milkshakes.

Like Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, guests strap on VR goggles and vibrating vests for Ralph Breaks VR. And while the physical stage areas for the two experiences are similar, the Wreck-It Ralph world that guests see through their goggles is a more gamified and kid-friendly experience. The final product, refined and iterated on after innumerable hours of testing, has resulted in a fun, pancake and milkshake-throwing time. Here are some things that stand out about the experience and how the designers came up with certain attributes of the Wreck-It Ralph world.

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ralph breaks vr

The Void has teamed up once again with ILMxLab on a new Disney VR Experience opening this week, Ralph Breaks VR. A few days ago, I got to step inside this new virtual reality experience. To do so, I traveled to a secret warehouse in Glendale (which is so secretive that I signed an NDA and am not even able to describe any of it to you). As a massive fan of Wreck-It Ralph, I was very excited to enter the world of the Disney animated film. So how was Ralph Breaks VR? Keep reading to find out.

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Wreck-It Ralph VR

Disney and Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB previously teamed up with The VOID to launch the hyper-reality experience known as Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The VR project puts fans in the middle of the Star Wars universe at select locations around the United States. Now, one of Disney’s animated franchises will be following in those same virtual footsteps.

Ralph Breaks the Internet will take the not-so-bad video game bad guy Wreck-It Ralph into the internet for the first time, and in the same vein, Disney will put Ralph Breaks VR in front of your eyeballs. The new multi-sensory Disney adventure will put fans inside the worlds of the internet and online gaming alongside Ralph and his candy-haired companion, Vanellope Von Schweetz. Find out more about the Wreck-It Ralph VR project below. Read More »