Forty-Year Old Version Trailer

There’s always been a lot of pressure that comes with turning 40 years old. It’s the birthday that pushes you “over the hill,” and it can be the start of a midlife crisis, especially if you feel like you haven’t lived up to your full potential. That’s exactly where protagonist Radha Blank finds herself in a new Sundance selected indie, which she also wrote and directed.

The Forty-Year Old Version follows Radha as a playwright who was once named as one of the 30 under 30 playwrights to watch. But now she’s 40, and she doesn’t have much to show everyone who was watching. So what else does she have to do except reinvent herself as a rapper named RadhaMUSPrime? It just might allow her to get her thoughts out there without dealing with all the stuffy white bullshit in the stage world. Watch The Forty-Year Old Version trailer below to see for yourself. Read More »