Germain’s 15 Favorite Sports Movies

The Karate Kid

Sports and movies are incredibly similar. Each are complex with intricate characters, comprised of long, detailed storylines. They can make you laugh, cry, and scream. On occasion either can build to a transcendent moment that you’ll never forget.

Those similarities are why the sports movie is such an enduring sub-genre in cinema. A sports movie can be anything: a dirty comedy, an inspirational drama, a documentary, a kick-ass action movie, a kids movie, it can even be a sci-fi or horror movie. Sports are such a universal language, they can be translated at will and never lose their power.

This week, another film enters the sports movie conversation: McFarland, USA, the true story of a cross country running team from a very poor town in central California. It’s a solid, entertaining sports movie that gets by because it adheres to the beats of the genre while adding a little something extra and different.

Because there’s a new sports movie out this week, I decided to take the occasion to rank my favorite sports movies of all time. Now, these are not the best sports movies of all time. Just my favorites. And there are major omissions, because we all have those. But to me, these are the 15 sports movies I can watch again and again. Read More »

The First Slashfilm Muxtape!


With summer approaching and its plethora of open window/outdoor Net grazing, parties and, of course, blockbuster movies, we’ve decided to create a glorious soundtrack-themed Muxtape for our readership. All of the awesome songs streamed on the first Slashfilm Muxtape come from films we dig sans a certain mission statement from Patton Oswalt. I’ve arranged the Muxtape to go from enjoyably cheesy summer movie nostalgia explosion to Nextlevelsville. Hope you guys and gals like it, more Slashfilm movie anthems to come. And if you want even more jams, here’s my personal Muxtape page. Awww.


For the sake of archiving, we’ve included the first track-listing after the jump

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