Polka-Dot Man isn’t the first character you’d think of as being the scene-stealer of a big tentpole superhero movie. A punchline maybe, or an early victim of The Suicide Squad‘s apparently high body count. And yet, there’s something behind that absurd polka dot costume and David Dastmalchian‘s mopey look as he audibly yearns for death that stirs the heartstrings. Couple that with director James Gunn‘s penchant for turning the most obscure comic book characters into movie icons, and well, you’ve got the recipe a new fan-favorite character.

When I visited the set of The Suicide Squad back in 2019, no character earned more chuckles and derision than Polka-Dot Man. Did that immediately make me want to protect him? Maybe. But it wasn’t just that which convinced me that Polka-Dot Man would be the obscure character of The Suicide Squad to achieve newfound superstardom à la Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was the movie’s inventive approach to Polka-Dot Man’s very silly gimmick, and Dastmalchian’s obvious care for the character, that did the trick. Read More »